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FordhamTimebank was set up on Jan 2019 and is partnered with The Chicken Shed. We are still growing and developing as we go along but so far we have almost 90 members.


We aim to bring the community together by working with each other in exchanging time and also creating events. Members can access an online platform ( TOL2) which allows them to view offers and requests in their local area. They can then contact the member and arrange to do the job and at the end of the process each member completes online. Hours are then transferred from one time bank account into another.  Hours can be redeemed in 'Cambridgeshire Time Credit'' vouchers which can be used locally for days out, beauty treatments, courses etc


There is no commitment when you join and local organisations are very welcome too! We can help you with events and awareness. 


Contact us for a quick and easy registration with no commitment or even to just get added to the email newsletters to keep in touch.

07715 908024

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