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Are you interested in joining? Search for tol2.timebanking. You should get to a homepage similar to the one below. Click on 'Timebanks' and scroll down to 'Fordham'. Visit and click on 'Join'. Fill in the short form to register.

The coordinator will then be alerted and get in touch to arrange a quick visit - either at your home or in a cafe - wherever suits you! There is some paperwork but not much. We do need email addresses for references- this is just a few short questions that I will ask which are usually returned very quickly. Once they are sorted you will be a full member and able to access the system. You will be given training if you need it on how to manage your account. If you are not comfortable on computers don't be put off! Your coordinator can work on your behalf and arrange your exchanges for you.

We have an active public face book page as well as a private group page for members only. You will receive regular email or paper newsletters which will list most of the current jobs and offers. 

Maybe you just want to be on the mailing list for them to keep an eye on things? No problem- just drop me your email address and I'll add you.

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