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Hi everyone!

We are now in the third week of the time bank project and finally we are settling into rotas and systems. It is lovely to watch small communities growing within our community and see the results as our neighbours are helped through. We are still refining every few days as we assess demand and work out the most efficient way. Anita from East Cambs is proving invaluable with that by bringing her experience and inside knowledge to the table and sharing the load. I am very grateful to Geoff and Anne Mitchell for handling all the finance on this project. Also to Barry who opens the Legion up for us every morning. I am learning so much about community as we are thrown together and I do hope we can build on this in Fordham. A celebration street party for when this is all over is definitely on the cards!

We are still getting new registrations to volunteer daily - if you know of people who want to help the project then please ask them to contact us with their email address. If you have any questions please reply to this email.

Thanks to Charlotte for this lovely donation dropped off at the office yesterday.

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