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Together we are working to serve our lovely Fordham and an amazing 90 of you have come forward! Thank you so much for your support and enthusiasm. Our system works on rotas, so that if people fall ill there are others to step in and to reduce footfall in local shops and surgeries by one person doing the trip. We have just started a paper round and have around 15 takers at the moment- thank you to Anne for taking this on. Also a huge thanks to Anne for doing all the banking for our team.

We have daily rotas in the following:

Shopping am/pm

Prescription collection 3pm

Newspaper round 9am

Food bank - tidying store and packing shopping - Mondays & Fridays 9-12

There is also a help line rota taking the all important calls and sending them to us to respond. Any general errand requests are sent out to you all by face book or whats app. We are working on an idea to get a 'phone buddy' system set up so all of you who have offered that please watch this space!

There are written guidelines for each task - these are on the face book page and the website but if I have forgotten to send them individually , please just ask and I will email. It helps us a lot of you understand the process so please read these well before you ask to go on a rota and check with us if any queries. The shopping is working well- if you need to pay for the shop, we will reimburse you within 24 hours back into your account.

If you would like to go on a rota, there are messenger groups set up for each one. If you don't do Face book, let me know and I have one whats app group that you can be added to. Or we can chat by email or phone but I will need to know which rota you are interested in joining to keep track.Rotas are set weekly and displayed on the group chat and Face book group.

If you are a member and haven't yet joined the 'Private Timebankers Group' on face book please do.

As well as a Covid Assist food bank which is open twice a week there is also a community pantry- outside the Legion most days and also at The Chicken Shed. Please talk to us if you know people that need the food bank- we have the food to share and the food bank is for everyone. We are hatching plans to get parcels out to our vulnerable residents very soon and will need volunteers help with this. Another leaflet drop is also on the cards shortly.

Big thank you to Dusana who has got a small team together to make some very creative face masks! Whatever your thoughts on them, they are popular. Please just request and we can deliver or they are available at the Legion.

We are very grateful to the Legion for providing us with the valuable space to make this happen. We are trialing a 'remote day' on Wednesdays, when we will work from home but we are at the Legion office every other day apart from Sunday.

To date we have taken around 70 requests for help and each week we are getting a bit busier. We are almost ready to put our grant in to CCF which will help cover lots of costs but donations are very welcome.

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