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Just an update on how the Covid project is going in Fordham. We have just hit 100 requests in total from when we started a few weeks ago. This week so far ( from Monday) we have done 10 shops, 17 prescription deliveries, 7 food bank parcels and 1 errand .17 daily newspapers are also being delivered and not forgetting the big Scotsdales chocolate delivery which sent eggs to the school, Co op, garage, Neil the butchers and numerous key workers who have called by. I think I counted over 25 people on the rotas for next week- all doing their bit for this project. Time bank now has 195 members- Fordham has really responded!

A newsletter is being printed and will be delivered to every house as soon as it's ready- we hope this will encourage more people to reach out. Lana Bruce, the Co op ambassador, has also included us in a video she is compiling about Fordham in Covid. Every week is new but we are creating links and friendships that I hope will continue when this is all over- this is a horrible time we are all going through but it is a wonderful thing to witness the Covid spirit in Fordham

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