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Timebank will be closing this week, as no coordinator applications have been made.

Our parting gift to the village is the memorial arch which has now been installed by R Palmer & Sons Ltd.

Thank you for all your support and enthusiasm over the last 4 years. A special thank you to Anne Mitchell, who has been my long suffering treasurer- I'm not great with receipts! I have loved the work and would encourage any community to have a timebank- it just gives that platform that people need to connect and create relationships and opportunities. There is so much need and it's been great to be working alongside many community organizations that are all working so hard.

I will now be focusing more on running Ely Baby Bank which is based at 78 Mildenhall Rd and open two days a week. The Thursday cafe for baby bank families will continue and everyone is always welcome to come for coffee and cake and a walk round the smallholding on those mornings- you don't need to have a baby to get in! Please do call up if you need some community and if you are free on those mornings please consider joining a friendly team of locals who work together to make that project tick. You would be very welcome.

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